We value our patients' experience at Cheatwood Chiropractic.We have a warm and friendly atmosphere and we consider our patients part of our Cheatwood Chiropractic Family. We would like to thank all of our patients who wrote a testimonial.

If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "Great chiropractic care in a laid back atmosphere. Dr. Cheatwood is awesome!"
    Kim M
  • "Dr. Chris and his staff are awesome. He listens to what you say."
    Joyce S
  • "This may go to his head. But the truth is he is the very best around! I have been seeing Dr. Chris for over 15 years and highly recommend him."
    Claudia B
  • "I have been with the practice since Greg first opened back in the 80's. It took a little while, but he got rid of my migraines. Since then, I have seen Greg move on, Scott come in, and Chris take over. He is a great chiropractor and I highly recommend him! Thanks for all you do!"
    Wendy M
  • "Dr. Cheatwood is the best. My husband and I go to him to get aligned, we walk out feeling like a million bucks. He is very reasonable when it comes to cost. Best part is he takes many different kinds of insurance. What I like about Dr. Cheatwood, he will fix the problem what ever it may be."
    Hazel O
  • "It has been my great and continuing pleasure, along with my brother, to have experienced the healing services of Dr. Chris Cheatwood as well as the wonderful massages at the hands and feet of Ms. Tyfani. My brother and I are of the boomer generation, and past injuries as well as the aging process are starting to catch up with us, particularly with regards to our backs. Dr. Chris has helped greatly with these issues by the use of his chiropractic skills plus instruction and advice on how to better treat our backs and consequently our heath. The massages we receive at Cheatwood Chiropractic are the best we have ever experienced and we have come to consider our time spent with Tyfani as one of the best ways we can help our bodies and health. I exercise daily and consider coming to Cheatwood Chiropractic on a regular basis as an important and integral part of my health maintenance. I am happy and proud to recommend Dr. Chris and his wonderful staff to other family and friends"
  • "I was experiencing back pain before I found Dr. Cheatwood. My pain has significantly decreased. My overall experience with Cheatwood has been phenomenal, they have become family!"
  • "Before I found Cheatwood Chiropractic, I was dealing with headaches, neck pain and low back pain. I tried the full Rolfing regimine and was amazed at the interactive relationship between the Rolfer and "Rolfee," especially where visualization enabled the best possible outcome. I also learned improved walking, standing and sitting habits to sustain the benefits of the treatments. I always bring a list of questions and concerns because i want to learn about my health with each visit. Dr. Chris is an excellent listener and wonderful teacher. I appreciate Dr. Chris' knowledge and insight. He uses intuition with his skill and education which enhances his treatments."
  • "I had been dealing with shoulder pain as well as general body aches before I discovered Cheatwood Chiropractic. Dr. Chris is amazing! My first treatment made me laugh out loud in relief. It was my first time with a chiropractor, and it changed how I feel. Cheatwood Chiropractic's homey atmosphere and down to earth treatment has been beyond excellent. I think that chiropractors get bad press - kind of "witch doctors" - but believe me, one visit, and the way you feel after will make you a regular!"
  • "Dr. Cheatwood reminds me of the Genie from Aladdin; He works miracles and always makes me laugh! I was experiencing extreme shoulder and back pain before I started seeing Dr. Cheatwood, and have been pain free and feeling marvelous with regular treatment."
  • "After I was involved in a major auto accident, I was informed by my medical doctor that I would require surgery on my neck, leaving me with only 3/4 use of my neck (two doctors said I should have been dead or paralyzed). After one year of treatment, I have complete use of my neck, and surgery was never needed. Without Dr. Cheatwood's treatment, I would not be in such good condition. I owe my health to Dr. Cheatwood and his confidence in dealing with such a condition."
  • "I have had vertigo, low back pain, headaches, and nausea resolved with treatment received at Cheatwood Chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. Chris. He is an awesome chiropractor and has great intuition and ability to read a person's body."
  • "Lillian and I had back problems that were not getting any better at "other" Chiropractors. They seemed to treat the symptoms, but not the problem. Lilian and I were like a couple of 75 year old cars, who needed continued maintenance to keep running in good order. Dr. Chris has done a great job in this respect and has certainly helped us maintain a more active lifestyle, and taken some of the tarnish off our golden years.

    Our experience at Cheatwood Chiropractic has been enjoyable and congenial. Everybody seems to care about our well being. I would like to say to Cheatwood Chiropractic to keep being who you are and what you do for us.

    Lil and Rad


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