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“ Angela is Amazing and I hope that says enough. Amazing!!! ”

Tosha J.

“ Iv,e been going to Dr. Cheatwood for awhile, he has always taken care of me and my poor aching bones. Just a few days ago I went in for a deep massage and I walked out of the office feeling like jello, that's a good thing. I recommend Dr. Cheatwood to anyone who has back problems. A+ ”

Hazel O.

“ Dr Cheatwood is a very skilled and heart centered chiropractor. He listens and adjusts based on your body's needs, and is very thorough in his check ins. The entire team from massage by Wanda, to Dr Boatright and the massively skilled acupuncture and cupping - it's your one stop body maintenance shop.

Dr Chris even sees the kiddos and for infants and toddlers the adjustment is on the house to ensure their health!!! Kudos to the whole team!​​​​​​​ "

Michael S.

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