K-Laser Therapy

Surgery-free, drug-free pain treatment comes to Cheatwood Chiropractic Offices, P.A.
K-Laser Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments for advanced pain relief and enhanced healing are now available.

Lakeland, Florida- 3-20-2017-Dr. Chris Cheatwood at Cheatwood Chiropractic proudly announces the addition of K-Laser class 4 laser therapy for advanced pain relief.

“Used by professional sports teams and healthcare providers throughout the world, we look forward to providing our clients the high quality treatment they deserve,” said Dr. Cheatwood. “We’re excited to offer this new service and help our clients reach a better level of health more quickly.”

K-Laser therapy is scientifically proven to biostimulate tissue repair and growth. Red and near-infrared wavelengths create therapeutic effects, such as improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

Cheatwood Chiropractic's addition of the K-Laser will help us with treating a number of conditions, including back and neck pain, knee and hip pain and arthritis, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries and much more,” explains Dr. Cheatwood.

To make an appointment for K-Laser treatment call Cheatwood Chiropractic at (863)-680-1064 .Cheatwood Chiropractic  is located at 737 South Missouri Ave and the office hours are M-W 8-1/3-6 and Th 9-1/3-7. Dr. Cheatwood is currently accepting new patients and the staff at Cheatwood Chiropractic is available to answer your questions on K-Laser therapy

For more information on the K-Laser, visit the company website at www.k-laserusa.com.


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